Office of the President

Presidential Orders

Presidential Orders

Notice of Orders Issued Pursuant to Title 5, Calif. Code of Regulation 41301 (1)s

As required by Title 5, Calif. Code of Regulations 41301 (1), the orders which have been promulgated by the President of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona are hereby directed to be posted on the University's Official Bulletin Board. Violation of any of these orders is grounds for expulsion, suspension, or probation pursuant to Title 5, Calif. Code of Regulations 41301. In addition, violation of any federal, state, county, city or campus regulation is grounds for expulsion, suspension, or probation.

A complete listing of all Presidential Orders is available on the following website:

Executive Orders

Executive Orders are issued from the Chancellor's Office, The California State University. The Chancellor's Office maintains a current list of all Executive Orders. A copy of each Executive Order may be downloaded, if desired. This information can be accessed at:

Executive Orders are delegated to the campus President. A list of Executive orders where the President has sub-delegated the implementation of an Executive Order to one of the campus vice presidents can be accessed at: In this list, the name of the sub-delegate is listed under "Campus Delegation." Clicking on the name of the vice president will display the delegation document.