The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch

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Through OpenTable, The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch has received numerous local Diners' Choice Awards. Each of these rankings are for the Pasadena/San Gabriel area:

  • Great for Lunch
  • Best Food
  • Best Service
  • Best Ambiance
  • Best Overall
  • Notable Wine List

Ranked in the Los Angeles/Orange County area:

  • Scenic View


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Review Excerpts

"I am giving this place 5 stars because they do a fantastic job doing what they advertise. I am pretty sure the restaurant student staff is not the same every quarter. I believe it changes every 10 weeks.  ... It is a great value and a great experience. Staff is beyond friendly and the students very eager to learn,"  Five stars on Yelp from Leslie F.

"Great service from this student run restaurant,"  Four stars on OpenTable from an anonymous diner.

"The Collins students did great, with the kitchen and restaurant staff. The restaurant staff was very informative by continually answering questions and had much etiquette. I definitely will be coming again, I would like to try lunch,"  Four stars on Yelp from Christopher W.

"Food adventure....   I love it!!!!  A restaurant run by students.... count me in. ....,"  Four stars on Yelp from A.R.

"I like the feel of the restaurant. It is well-appointed but not distracting. There's also a nice view, which you can enjoy from pretty much the entire dining room,"  Four stars on OpenTable from an anonymous diner.