The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch


Collins College students are the heart and soul of the Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch (RKR). Under the guidance of faculty and staff, they create a pleasurable culinary experience for guests while embracing Cal Poly Pomona's learn-by-doing approach to education.

Every fall and spring semester, new groups of Collins College students operate and manage the RKR. There are two classes each quarter. One class is responsible for lunch while the other handles dinner.

The restaurant class is the culmination of a three-course series known as the Food and Beverage Series. The first class teaches students professional cooking skills and kitchen safety. The second course divides students into management teams of five and requires them to develop a management plan for the final class.

In the third and final class, the teams are each assigned a week to manage and operate the restaurant by applying the skills they learned in the previous classes. The management teams are responsible for all aspects of operating the RKR including: reservations, food service, food preparation, finance, human resources, as well as a marketing plan.

The five shift managers are:

  • Line Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Beverage Manager
  • Finance Manager

In addition to their management positions, students rotate through all other necessary roles in the restaurant, including servers, bartenders, line cooks, dish washers, etc. They rotate weekly through various positions in order to learn all aspects of a hospitality operation.