Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safeguarding the Campus Community 

Whether you come to campus to work, study or play, the university has face coverings, hand sanitizer and other PPE to help protect you from COVID-19. The safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff is paramount and is a shared responsibility.

Types of PPE

PPE wall dispenser

Public Wall Dispensers

What: Medical grade surgical face masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes

Who: Students, faculty, staff and visitors

Where: Located near the entrances of most campus buildings

If Empty: Email if a dispenser is empty

Student takes a KN94 mask in the library.

KN95 Masks for Students

What: KN95 masks

Who: Students, faculty, staff and visitors


  • University Library: 1st floor Info Desk, 2nd floor Circulation Desk, 2nd floor Tech Help Desk
  • BRIC Service Desk
  • BSC: Games Room, Conference & Events service desk on 2nd floor
  • CLASS, Building 5, room 228
  • CBA, Building 164, room 1060
  • ENV, Building 7, room 104C
  • CEIS, Building 94, room 275 and Building 6, room 215
  • Science, Building 3, room 1645
  • Engineering, Building 9, room 155
  • Huntley, Building 2, room 125
  • Student Services Building, Information Desk
  • Collins College, Building 79B, Second Floor Lobby Desk
Safer Center "Supply Hub"

PPE Supply Hubs

What: Medical surgical face masks, KN95 masks, gloves, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer bottles with pump dispensers

Who: Department and division designees use an assigned code to access the hubs. See below for designee information.

Where: 21 locations across campus. See below for list of locations.

Angel Chacon puts a bell mask on his tuba prior to band practice

Specialized PPE by Request Only

What: Specialized PPE, including face shields, clear face masks, instrument covers

Who: Departments can order via PDF request form

Where: PPE orders are delivered via Campus Mail

N95 mask on a desk

N95 by Request Only

What: N95 masks

Who: Employees must first complete the SumTotal Training and Employee N-95 Voluntary Use Acknowledgement form

Where: Submit request to Environmental Health & Safety.  

PPE Supply Hub Stations

  • Building 1
  • Science Laboratory (Building 3)
  • College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (Building 5)
  • College of Environmental Design (Building 7)
  • College of Education and Integrative Studies (Building 6)
  • College of Engineering (Building 9)
  • University Library (Building 15)
  • Engineering Laboratories (Building 17)
  • Agricultural Unit (Building 30)
  • Bronco Student Center (Building 35)
  • Bronco Recreation Intramural Complex (Building 42)
  • Kellogg Arena (Building 43)
  • Residential Suites (Building 54)
  • Bronco Bookstore (Building 66)
  • The Collins College of Hospitality Management (Building 79B)
  • Facilities Management (Building 81)
  • CLA Classrooms (Building 98C)
  • Police and Parking Services (Building 109)
  • Student Services Building (Building 121)
  • College of Business Administration (Building 163)
  • University Village (Building 200)

Map of PPE Supply Hubs

PPE Cabinet Designee Information

If you do not see your department listed on the PPE Cabinet Designee List please reach out to your divisional space liaison. To view the document authentication is required.

View Department Designee List

Academic Affairs: Andrew Naranjo, email:
Administrative Affairs: Jason Rodriguez, email:
Foundation: Steve Whippie, email:
Information Technology: Jorge Lomeli, email:
President's Office: Francine Ramirez, email:
Student Affairs/ASI: Megan Stang, email:
University Advancement: Diana Saldana, email:

Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  

I have questions about PPE supplies. Who do I contact?

For questions about PPE supplies, email

How can students, faculty and staff access PPE?

Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including disposable masks and gloves, are available in wall-mounted dispensers near the main entrances of most buildings. Department PPE designees can access PPE hubs for additional supplies.

Students may use wall-mounted dispensers for obtaining general PPE.

For specialized PPE such as face shields, contact department PPE designees, who will place an order through the COVID-19 Resource Request Form

Who is my department’s PPE designee?

Visit the Safer Return PPE webpage to find department PPE designees.  Contact PPE designees to order larger quantities of standard and specialized PPE. Designees will order PPE using the online order form or access supplies from PPE hubs located across the campus.

How do we access PPE after 5 p.m. for urgent, unplanned needs? 

Generally, department orders should be placed by the PPE hub designee in advance using the COVID-19 Resource Request form. For urgent requests, contact the University Police Department at (909) 869-3070. 

How do departments request specialized PPE such as face shields with drapes? 

Specialized PPE (including face shields, clear masks and covers for musical instruments) can be requested by PPE designees or department heads using the COVID-19 Resource Request form. In order to minimize situations when there is an immediate need and supplies are not readily available, each department is urged to stock up on specialized PPE that is likely to be needed.

The quantity of specialized PPE to have on hand is determined by each department. Distribution Services plans to maintain a central stock of all PPE items, including specialized items, to be filled upon request via the Emergency Management order process

Can I request PPE to be sent to my residence? 

No, resources are only available on-campus and will not be sent to a personal residence.