Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

Return to In-Person Work Update

Date: 6/8/21
From: CPP Employee and Org Devel & Advancement
Subject: Return to In-Person Work Update

Dear Bronco community, 

As we look forward to being Safely Together this fall, we want to provide you with an update on the university’s plan to fully bring faculty and staff back to campus for in-person work.

Our staged repopulation plan began May 24 with a pilot group of about 120 staff employees, and a second group is scheduled to return later this month. On Aug. 2, all staff will fully return to in-person, on-campus work, and faculty will return on Aug. 17 when their contract begins.

As COVID-19 infections continue to decrease and vaccinations demonstrate strong protections against the virus, Cal/OSHA has recommended the lifting of restrictions in workspaces starting July 31.

Anticipating that workspaces will no longer be required to maintain 50 percent density and 6 feet of distancing, we can plan for a full return of our faculty and staff in August. As an inclusive polytechnic university, we are most effective and impactful when students learn and experience the campus in person. All of you are critical members of our student success team.

Looking ahead to August, many of the precautions and safety measures currently in place — such as plexiglass barriers, capacity restrictions and 6 feet of physical distancing — may no longer be required by Cal/OSHA or Los Angeles County Public Health. However, some of those safety measures will continue, including the requirement of face coverings for indoor spaces, as they represent our care for others and provide assurance for our community, most of whom have been away from campus and social distancing for over a year. As always, the university will continue to abide by the guidelines set by the state, county, CSU Chancellor’s Office, and other governing agencies.

Our return to campus represents a milestone transition, and we recognize that each of us acclimate to change at a different pace. As we transition to in-person work, some remote work may continue on a limited basis, subject to HEERA manager approval. Similarly, many of the technologies we’ve adopted — digital signatures, meetings on Zoom, ordering lunch via Grubhub — will continue through the fall and may be permanently embedded in our campus culture.

As you think about your life and schedule for fall, we recommend that you plan for a full return to in-person work. If your circumstances require additional support, we urge you to seek guidance from your manager on the options and resources available to support your return to campus. We also are recommending that managers work with their departments to provide full in-person services during business hours, while providing limited exceptions to in-person, on-campus work if needed.

The campus’ landscape and operations have changed as well. We will continue to share updates and clarifications via the Safer Return News email (next issue on June 16). The bi-weekly email provides announcements about campus operations and planning — including parking, dining, and the checklist for coming to campus.

Finally, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated for COVID-19, which considerably lowers the risk of transmission, infection, and severe illness. The CSU intends to require vaccination for all students and employees for fall 2021 or upon full FDA approval of the vaccine, whichever occurs later. Prior to the implementation of any changes to the CSU's existing immunization requirements, the CSU will engage the California State Student Association, the CSU Academic Senate, and labor unions. Learn more about the vaccine requirement and securing an appointment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we prepare for this transition back to on-campus work. We look forward to seeing you in person!

Kimberly G. Allain
AVP, Employee & Organizational Development & Advancement
Division of Administrative Affairs

Laura Massa
AVP, Academic Programs
Division of Academic Affairs