Scholarship for Service


What is the Scholarship for Service Program?
It is the Federal Government's response to deal with the threat to our information technology infrastructure by strengthening the cadre of information assurance professionals who protect it. Through this program, the National Science Foundation partnered with Department of Homeland Security issues selected 4-year colleges and universities scholarship grants to attract students to the information assurance field. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management administers the operational aspects of the program. Questions about the program may be addressed to Travis McKone at (757-441-3181) OR Kathy Roberson, SFS Program Manager (405-259-8277). Both are available by e-mail at

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What are the student eligibility requirements for me to particpate?

The student must meet all of the following: -- be a full-time student within two years of graduation with a bachelor’s or master’s degree ; a student within three years of graduation with both the bachelor’s and the master’s degree; a student participating in a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree (“five year”) program; or a research-based doctoral student within three years of graduation in a coherent formal academic program that is focused on cybersecurity or information assurance at an awardee institution -- be a United States citizen; -- meet criteria for Federal employment; and -- be able to obtain a security clearance, if required.

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What happens if I leave my Government Agency position before I serve the required period?
You must repay a prorated amount equivalent to the length of the period not served. For example, if you receive funds for two years and serves for one-and-a-half years, you must repay 25% of the funds received.

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