Student Support & Equity Programs

Educational Opportunity Program

At Cal Poly Pomona, EOP continues to operate today as the University's first and most comprehensive post-secondary access and equity program. Established in 1969, the program serves low-income, typically first-generation students, who demonstrate the motivation and potential to succeed in college. 


Although 99 percent of EOP students entering Cal Poly Pomona meet the University's regular admission requirements, the program offers access to a limited number of first-time freshmen who do not qualify for regular admission. 


EOP promotes equity ("leveling the playing field") by providing participants with a broad range of support services throughout their undergraduate enrollment, as long as they maintain full-time status, make satisfactory academic progress, and fulfill program requirements. 

Cal Poly Pomona EOP students represent a diverse group of students who are motivated, hard-working, and successful college students.  Each year, EOP is limited to admitting between 500 – 700 of the University’s thousands of incoming students.   

EOP Unit Areas