Student Support & Equity Programs

EOP Advising


1-to-1 Advising and Coaching

Comprehensive 1-to-1 advising and coaching with assigned EOP Advisor to discuss topics pertaining to academics such as course registration, academic policies, and campus resources. Students can schedule appointments in person or via Zoom with their EOP Advisor through CPP Connect.  

Academic Success Seminars and Workshops

EOP Advising offers several seminars and workshops that focus on financial literacy and wellness, graduate school prep, mental health wellness, self-care, and staying involved with EOP after graduation through the EOP Alumni Network.  

Group Advising (Online via Zoom)

Group advising is mandatory for all EOP students. Group advising topics vary for each cohort and can include topics such as GPA and academic standing, financial aid, and campus engagement. 

Peer Mentoring

EOP Peer Mentors offer EOP students peer support, guidance, and assistance with navigating various CPP/EOP resources. When you meet with an EOP Peer Mentor, they will share their college experiences and offer valuable tips for success and/or refer you to campus resources.