Student Support & Equity Programs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EOP Admissions

No. Any student, who meets EOP income criteria and additional admissions criteria, may be accepted to EOP.

No. Applicants must demonstrate financial need to be considered for a fee waiver. Determination of eligibility will be made when applying to the university online at

Cal Poly Pomona's EOP Program only accepts applications for the fall term and the priority deadline is November 30.  The deadline for EOP application submission is January 15.  The deadline for the two letter of recommendations is January 31.

Yes, you must notify the EOP Admissions Office at 909-869-3362 or email at eopadmin@cpp during the application process. If you are currently an EOP student at Cal Poly Pomona, you must meet with your EOP Advisor to discuss your options.

No. The EOP application is submitted only once during the application process. Once the student is accepted to EOP and enrolls to the university, the student will remain EOP provided the conditions of acceptance are honored each term.

No. EOP determines eligibility for the program during the student’s admissions process prior to enrollment.

No. EOP is a program offered to historically low-income, first-generation college students who demonstrate potential for academic success and a motivation to achieve their educational goals.

No. First-generation college student eligibility will be determined during the application process. 

No. EOP students are eligible to receive an EOP grant if their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) does not exceed $1,500. Students must complete and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Application and other documents as required by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

No. Although EOP does not provide students with book vouchers, it offers an EOP Grant to eligible EOP students. If eligible this grant is applied to the student’s financial aid award. Priority registration is not available to EOP students at Cal Poly Pomona.

EOP Advising

All students are assigned an EOP advisor and will receive an email from their EOP advisor the first week of classes of their first semester in EOP. Please be sure to check your email for updates and appointment information.

Students can also call our Front Office at (909) 869-3360 or email

You can connect with your EOP Advisor via e-mail. When e-mailing, please include the days/times you are available, your full name and Bronco ID number. You can also schedule an appointment via CPP Connect

“Your EOP Academic Advisors offers one-on-one appointments, drop-ins and group advising in-person and virtually.”

All first-year students will be required to meet 1:1 with their EOP Advisor in the fall semester and all transfer and continuing students will be required to complete a mandatory group advising session in either the fall or spring semester.

  • First Year: mandatory 1:1 meeting in fall; mandatory group advising in spring
  • First Year Transfer: mandatory group advising in fall or spring
  • Second Year: mandatory group advising in Spring
  • Third Year: mandatory group advising in spring
  • Second Year Transfer: mandatory group advising in fall
  • Fourth Year: mandatory group advising in fall

The group advising schedule can be found here:

Please contact your EOP Advisor to discuss next steps and/or reschedule your appointment.

EOP Advisors can:

  • Provide supplemental advising through a first-generation lens
  • Offer Coaching and mentoring
  • Explain and help students understand university policies and resources
  • Refer to campus resources
  • Offer various workshops/seminars to help foster your success at CPP.

College Advisors will assist with helping you understand your college and major requirements and curriculum. College Advisors:  

  • Advise on core classes
  • Approve an academic plan
  • Explain and help students understand university policies and resources
  • Remove department or major holds
  • Conduct graduation checks
  • Assist with signing university petitions and forms

EOP Academic Advisors are full-time professional staff who provide holistic supplemental advising, coaching, and mentoring for EOP students and can assist with understanding university policies,

EOP Peer Mentors are knowledgeable and dedicated student leaders who provide additional support and mentoring for all EOP students.

EOP Transition Programs

If you have been admitted as an EOP student, and have submitted your EOP Acceptance Agreement, you will be invited to participate in a Summer Bridge Information Session. Only those who attend the Informational Session will be given information on how to apply. Once you have completed the Summer Bridge Application and we have received all your application components, your name will be placed on the list for consideration. You will be notified by mid-May if you have been selected to participate.

The University requires that you submit your high school transcript, including the 8th semester and showing that you have graduated, to the University Admissions Office by July 15th.  Should your final high school transcript not be received by this date, your offer of admission to the University will be rescinded, and therefore your EOP admission offer would be canceled. 

The program schedule and virtual model will be shared during our online Summer Bridge information session. Therefore, it is important that all students attend this mandatory information session as we will be covering important information about the Summer Bridge program.

Yes, you must register to attend an orientation prior to starting Summer Bridge. For more information regarding Orientation, Services click on this website

You may not work on weekdays during Summer Bridge. We strongly advise that you do not work on weekends either. Summer Bridge is a comprehensive program. Due to the intensity of classes, workshops, seminars, tutorials, and activities, students are not permitted to work during program dates. Students will have homework to complete and studying to do during the weekend. 

No. Summer Bridge is designed as a comprehensive program where students will be taking a college course or participating in an academic component, an advising seminar, one-to-one peer mentoring and participating in workshops that cover state-mandated topics. Students who are selected are required to make a full commitment to the program for the whole duration of the program.

Although Summer Bridge is free of cost to participants, students who withdraw after a designated date may be charged for the cost of summer tuition and fees, which is approximately $3,000. 

EOP Learning Center

  • We serve all students who are active in EOPRenaissance ScholarsProject SUCCESS and University Housing.
  • We are a community of learners and peer-educators dedicated to your academic success. We advocate for equity and cultivate a culture where ANY student can excel academically at Cal Poly Pomona by empowering them with research-backed strategies for learning, productivity, and mindset.
  • We offer academic support through peer-tutors called EOP Learning Strategists (LS).
  • The EOP Learning Center is located in Building 1-200.
  • You may contact us via email at

  • A Learning Strategist (LS) is a peer educator who is here to support your academic goals.
  • Learning Strategists are current CPP students who provide tutoring on courses they have successfully completed.
  • The Learning Strategists focuses on study strategies to help you succeed in your courses and partners with you to learn meaningfully and independently.
  • Some of our Learning Strategists are current EOP students as well so they are best equipped to help support you.

  • A Learning Strategist is a peer tutor who partners with EOP students to learn the skills needed to be successful in Math, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Writing, Presentations, Humanities, Social Science, and Business.
  • Learning Strategists provide innovative tutorial services which combine traditional 1-1 tutoring and academic coaching.

There are courses the Learning Strategists might not have taken but might be familiar with the subject. It is best to contact the EOP Learning Center via email at the staff can check in with the Learning Strategist to see if they can tutor in the course you are looking for.

You can edit or cancel your appointment through CPP Connect. When your appointment was scheduled through CPP Connect, you should have received an email confirmation. In that email, you will be directed to make edits on your appointment. 

Only professional staff can make tutoring appointments repeat through CPP Connect. The Learning Strategists do not have access to this request. You can contact the EOPLC staff at and they can assist you.

  • There might be a few reasons for this situation. If you need tutoring on a course and notice a LS does not come up as an option, it might be because the course you need tutoring in might not be offered for that course or a Learning Strategist is not assigned to that topic or course. (See FAQ #4) Please contact EOP LC staff so we can confirm any unlisted courses with Learning Strategist at
  • In addition, CPP Connect requires you to be currently enrolled in the course you need tutoring in and the LS have to be offering tutoring in that course. If you want tutoring in a course that you are not currently enrolled in, a EOPLC staff will need to schedule the appointment for you. If you are currently enrolled in a course but our LS team does not have experience in, the EOPLC staff will need to schedule the appointment for you. Please contact us at
  • Another reason might be because you have missed two or more tutoring appointments in the past and has not canceled in a timely manner. CPP Connect has blocked you from scheduling anymore appointments. If this is the case, an EOPLC professional staff will have to schedule an appointment for you. Please contact us at
  • Lastly, there may be a conflict in your schedule, please feel free to contact us at or stop by EOP Learning Center in Building 1-200 for assistance.