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Project SUCCESS is committed to increasing the retention and persistence from year one to year two for first-time freshmen men of color (African American/Black, Native American/Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi, Latino/x, Biracial, and Multiracial) from all gender expressions. Through a holistic mentoring and academic program, Project SUCCESS fosters academic success, personal development, and a sense of belonging grounded in community support and the students’ gifts and talents.

All Project SUCCESS students will be prepared, connected, and empowered to pursue academic success, personal well-being, and successfully transition into their second year at Cal Poly Pomona.

Project Success Students

Benefits of Becoming a Project SUCCESS Scholar

A Project SUCCESS Peer Mentor is a sophomore, junior, or senior who leads students through their first academic year at CPP. During one-on-one and group meetings (Kin Group Meetings), Peer Mentors will provide direct campus knowledge from their own freshmen year. Our PS Mentors play a critical role in the success of our program based on the understanding that peer mentorship is highly effective in increasing students’ sense of belonging and academic transition to the university.

Project SUCCESS students also have access to free tutoring in partnership with the Educational Opportunity Program's (EOP) Tutorial Services. This allows our students to gain a better understanding of their course material by connecting them with academic strategists. Students have the option to create one-time appointments as well as ongoing weekly appointments.

Project SUCCESS students register for a 3-unit course in the Ethnic & Women Studies (EWS) department that fulfills General Education Requirement Area E. The course is designed to facilitate our students' transition to the university through experiences that outline the university’s academic expectations, support services, social resources, and opportunities.

Kin Group Leaders are professional staff and faculty mentors who work on campus in various departments. During one-on-one and group meetings (Kin Group Meetings), Kin Group Leaders will focus supporting our students on personal wellbeing, early intervention efforts, and campus resource connections.

Kin Groups are small learning communities composed of one upperclassmen PS Peer Mentor, one Kin Group Leader, and around six fellow Project SUCCESS students. Kin Groups will meet four times per semester and engage in conversations regarding academic success and personal development.

The Kin Group members and Kin Group Leader will decide when and where each group will meet. All Kin Group meetings are scheduled around student class and work schedules.

Project SUCCESS mentorship and class experiences are grounded in connecting, preparing, and empowering first-time freshmen men of color by utilizing prior cultural knowledge and translating those experiences to Cal Poly Pomona. Students will engage in experiences from their own and other students' culture to expand their understanding of themselves and the world they live in.