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The "Under Our Skin" project from The Seattle Times is a great place to start exploring concepts and common words like "allyship", "white privilege", and "systemic racism." 

These words have become more common in our mainstream media, and have long histories and origins in social and civil rights movements here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

NOTE: The content in these videos may include materials, language, and/or conversations around topics such as racism, physical violence, and/or identity-based discrimination and harassment. In watching the videos, your will bear witness to peoples’ testimonies, as uncomfortable and as painful as they may be. As a result, it is acknowledged that the material may be triggering and/or difficult to actively receive and engage with at all times. Additionally, the material may make some uncomfortable. However, discomfort is a pathway towards honest enlightenment.

CPP seeks to create spaces where all can engage bravely, critically, empathetically, equitably, and thoughtfully and encourages everyone to utilize campus resources and support if need be:

https://www.cpp.edu/eoda-hr/departments/benefits/health-benefits/eap.shtml (faculty/staff)

https://www.cpp.edu/carecenter/ (students)

Under our Skin Video Series

Institutional Racism

Person of Color




All Lives Matter

Politically Correct

Color Blindness

Safe Space


White Privilege

White Fragility