Parenting Student Support

Parenting Student Support Team

Celeste Salinas

Director, CPP Children's Center

Michele Crowder

Associate Director, CPP Children's Center

Maria Lisa

ASI Integrated Care Network Rep

Dr. Brianne Davila

Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

Dr. Giselle Navarro-Cruz

Assistant Professor, CEIS - Early Childhood Studies

Sally Romero

Research & Instruction Librarian, University Library

Denise Urzua

Therapist, CAPS

Jennifer Renee Alexander

Curator: Organismal Biology & BioTrek Advisor

Christina Araujo Rodriguez

Coordinator, EOP Transitions Program

Julie Shen

Research & Instruction Librarian, University Library

Maria Cerce

Senior Coordinator, T.R.E.E.

Laura Ayon

RAMP Director

Michelle Viorato

Government and External Affairs Analyst

Ariana Estrada

Student Identity Development and Education Coordinator