CPP Lotería

CPP Lotería cards displayed 


Thank you for joining Project CAMINOS for a special edition of CPP Lotería! This Lotería deck was designed to help prospective students and parents learn more about the Cal Poly Pomona campus. Print them out or play online via video call!

Download Card Deck

Download Tablas

The special edition CPP Lotería was designed by CPP Visual Communication Design majors, Alejandra Arevalo and Marielle Bueno for Project CAMINOS.

How to Play - Instructions

  1. Select your playing tabla (card). 
  2. Claim your tabla (card) by renaming yourself on zoom with the playing tabla (card) number. Example: 03 Billy Bronco  
  3. Listen for the cards to be called.  Mark your virtual playing tabla (card) with a check mark on the left top corner once the card is called. Keep playing until you check mark ALL the cards in the playing tabla (card).
  4. Be the FIRST to unmute to say out loud "¡Lotería!" or type in the chat "¡Lotería!"


Past Lotería Events

Check out our photo gallery of past CPP Lotería games held during our events! Share any of your CPP Lotería photos with us at