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In 2022, the Office of Academic Innovation secured a $1 million grant requested by U.S. Representative Norma Torres as part of a $14.3 million appeal to invest in 10 Inland Empire community programs. The grant period covers four years of lease and operating expenses for an entrepreneurial and small business hub, with a spend-by date of September 30, 2027.  

The center, initially called the Bronco STEA2M Innovation Hub, will offer programming in science, technology, engineering, education, art, agriculture, and math to reskill and upskill members of the Pomona community. It will also serve as a business resource and development center for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Employment in Pomona was hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The unemployment rate in Pomona increased from 4.9% to 14.7% in January 2021. While the community is continuing to rebound, Cal Poly Pomona will provide this space to educate community members, support local entrepreneurs and businesses, and develop a skilled, diverse workforce pipeline.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish and sustain an ecosystem that fosters creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship within the Pomona and Cal Poly Pomona communities. We are committed to cultivating the success of a diverse local community by:

  1. Supporting workforce and community development goals, including upskilling and reskilling, through entrepreneurship programming.
  2. Promoting social impact and awareness of inequality through education. We empower individuals in the Pomona and Cal Poly Pomona communities to utilize their voices effectively, equipping them with tools for problem-solving and engaging them in meaningful social and civic actions.
  3. Leveraging Cal Poly Pomona’s polytechnic advantage to offer innovation programming in STEAAM disciplines. This initiative aims to enhance core competencies and provide upskilling opportunities in science, technology, engineering, agriculture, arts, and math, benefiting both the university and the broader Pomona community.
  4. Providing entrepreneurs, startups, small and family-owned businesses, and community members in Pomona and Cal Poly Pomona easier access to co-working spaces and fabrication equipment.
  5. Connecting entrepreneurs and businesses in the Pomona area with collaboration opportunities with local universities. This includes access to talent (e.g. internships, startup employees), technology (e.g. research collaboration with faculty and labs), and federal grant opportunities and partnerships (e.g. SBIR, NSF I-Corps Program).
  6. Creating a network of service providers, including lawyers, accountants, and consultants, to offer essential support to entrepreneurs, startups, and small family-owned businesses.
  7. Providing networking opportunities within the local community and connecting to broader entrepreneurial ecosystems to enhance collaboration and growth. Establishing connections with funders, investors, and advisors to provide essential financial guidance and opportunities for businesses at various stages of development.

Through these efforts, the Community Innovation Hub aims to make a significant impact in both the Pomona and Cal Poly Pomona communities, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and societal advancement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a transformative hub in the Pomona and Cal Poly Pomona communities, fostering a vibrant culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and societal responsibility. We strive to be a leading catalyst for change, where creative minds from diverse backgrounds converge to develop solutions for contemporary challenges. Our goal is to inspire and equip small businesses with the skills, resources, and networks needed to drive sustainable progress, empowering them to make a positive impact on our local community, region, and world.

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