Early Assessment Program

Advising Seniors

CSU Course Placement - Fall 2019 Applicants

The CSU will utilize multiple measures, including the CAASPP EAP, to place students in their first year English and math courses. Download the CSU Pathways to College Readiness handout here

Resource Center

Our Resouce Center is a great place to find documents and presentations shared during our annual conference. The theme this year was reDEFINING the Senior Year. Make sure to review the shared materials here.  

CAASPP Student Report

The CAASPP Student Score Report has the Achievement Standard Levels (EAP statuses) and status definitions included. During testing, students must release to the CSU their results in order for data to be available electronically to CSU campuses. Students who did not release their results and plan to attend Cal Poly Pomona must contact the EAP Coordinator.

  • Districts may create rosters at the school level for aggregate reports and comparison among groups of students. High schools should contact their district to access data from the Online Reporting System (ORS). 
  • District and school CAASPP aggregate data may be found on the CDE website.


Approved Senior Year-Long Courses

Students with test scores in the Conditionally Ready status must continue preparation in the 12th grade by taking one approved year-long course and receive a grade of "C-" or better each semester for English and/or math.  

The CSU approved courses must be verified as full-year on the University of California a-g Course List. For English ("b" category), the ERWC course must be adopted from the California State University (CSU) Early Assessment Program, AP English adopted from the College Board Advanced Placement Program, IB English adopted from the International Baccalaureate Organization and English Honors denoted by the UC Honors icon. For math ("c" category), approved math and science courses are listed at the CSU Math Success website. Course verification only applies to students with test scores deeming them Conditionally Ready. 

High School Dashboard

The CSU is committed to partnering with California High Schools to ensure their students are prepared to succeed in college. Find out how ready your students are to succeed at a CSU here

SU directory includes the most popular CSU resources used by high school and community college counselors and educators. Bookmark the site or visit here

Advising Juniors

Participation in EAP is now easier. EAP is now fully integrated into the California Assessment for Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) which students take during spring semester of their junior year. For 2020, the testing period is January 2019 to July 2019. The CSU accepts the CAASPP results in English language arts/literacy and mathematics as EAP statuses. Information for high school test coordinator’s and teachers can be found at www.caaspp.org.

Educators are strongly encouraged to recommend to California high school 11th graders taking the test to select the option to release their results to the CSU. Test score release option appears at the end of the grade 11 ELA/Literacy test and also at the end of the mathematics section. Students must authorize the release for both ELA/Literacy and mathematics separately during the time of the test. 

Academic Preparation Junior Presentation

The Early Assessment Program is offering presentations to high school juniors. The presentation is centered on academic placement and the importance of the SBAC. Presentations are available on first come first serve basis for the months of February - March 2019. Participating students will receive a free Cal Poly Pomona lanyard (while supplies last). Reserve your presentation HERE