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We thank our High School and Community partners for helping students prepare to pursue their education at Cal Poly Pomona. CPP’s EAP supports early academic preparation in our local admissions area. High Schools within the local admissions area may contact us to request a member of our team to schedule a CSU Academic Preparation Presentation or participate in a district meeting.

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High School a-g Course List

Based on certain Standardized Test scores, students may be asked to successfully complete a 12th grade approved year-long English or Mathematics course. Verity which approved year-long courses are listed in your high school a-g course list for the applicable academic year.

CAASPP Student Report

The CAASPP Student Score Report includes EAP statuses. During testing, students must release to the CSU their results in order for data to be available electronically to CSU campuses. District and school CAASPP aggregate data may be found on the CDE website.

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CSU Counselor Resources

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ERWC 3.0 Update Session

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ERWC 3.0 New Session

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