Dean of Students

Cluster Overview

The departments in the Dean of Students cluster advance the University's educational mission by extending the learning environment beyond the classroom through intentionally designed co-curricular opportunities. To that end, each department is committed to promoting the development and enhancement of the educational experience of students through a wide array of programs and services. 
We strive to:
  • Enhance the quality of campus life by promoting active student engagement.
  • Provide culturally specific student services that value and celebrate the diversity of a multicultural student population.
  • Foster and inspire leadership development.
  • Provide information and resources to achieve a community of respect, civility and integrity through a fair and just student disciplinary process.
  • Provide leadership and support to special initiatives and campus wide programs.
The AVP & Dean of Students also works in close partnership with:
  • University Housing Services - To work cooperatively with residents in a learning-centered environment to foster a safe and welcoming community; provide opportunities for growth, leadership and academic achievement; and promote respect for all lifestyles and cultures.
  • Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) - This is to ensure that programs and services are connected with those in other programming areas, as well as serving as the primary advisor to ASI Student Government.