Welcome to the Learning Labs Internship Program

Our Program

Since its inception in 2001, the Learning Labs Internship Program has grown to offer over 100 internships to student interns in the fields of Human Resources and Science. This program provides opportunities for students to work and learn from staff and administrators in the Human Resource Services areas of the Administrative Affairs Division. Human Resource Services (HRS) includes Customer Service Center (CSC), Payroll and Benefits Services, Empoyment, Compensation and Classification, and Employee/Labor Relations.  We currently offer two types of internships with different requirements: Human Resources and Environmental Health & Safety.

The Human Resources internship fulfills the requirements for Management and Human Resources (MHR) students and the Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) internship fulfills the requirements for College of Science students. Through hands-on experiences, students have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge, skills and abilities and gain work experience, while earning academic credit. Experiential learning can increase a student’s understanding of their chosen field and enhance the academic experience by providing new perspectives. Interns do not replace regular employees and do not receive wages, but work under close observation of HRS staff and are subject to course and grading requirements of the supervising faculty/staff member.

Our Mission

HRS supports the University’s mission to advance learning and knowledge by linking theory and practice in all disciplines, and to prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership and careers in a multicultural world.  In all of its programs, HRS is focused on the values of creating a respectful and professional environment. We provide active and efficient services and programs, build effective partnerships with the University’s colleges and centers, and provide exceptional customer service. Integrity is demonstrated in all that is done and an environment is created in which diversity is welcomed and celebrated.