Outstanding Faculty Advisor

Process for selecting an advisor

A process was prepared by Academic Programs, supported by the Academic Senate, and approved by the president in fall 2012.

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Policy on Selection of Outstanding Faculty Advisor 

Criteria for selection

Selection of the College Outstanding Faculty Advisor shall be based on criteria from the following list. It is not expected or required that faculty advisors meet all of these criteria. 

The nominee:

  • Communicates with advisees professionally, allowing an appropriate amount of time to discuss a variety of subjects related to advisees’ educational programs, including and recognizing their unique backgrounds and needs.
  • Assists advisees in assessing their interests and abilities, examining their educational goals and developing short-term and long-term plans to meet their objectives.
  • Periodically reviews the academic progress of the advisees and its impact on achievement of goals and seeks practical, thorough, innovative and timely solutions to advisees’ problems.
  • Makes advisees aware of, and refers them to, qualified persons and educational, institutional and community resources, programs and services
  • Understands, interprets, and accurately communicates policies, procedures and information to assist advisees to make well-informed academic decisions.
  • Seeks opportunities to grow professionally as an advisor and shares his or her advising philosophies and techniques with colleagues.