Outstanding Advisor Awards

Outstanding Advisor Awards


The Outstanding Advisor Awards recognize the outstanding efforts on this campus to support student success. They recognize individuals and programs that encourage students to establish goals and objectives, that seek practical and innovative solutions to students’ problems, and that seek opportunities to grow professionally.

Each year the campus chooses one faculty member in each academic college, one staff member from Academic Affairs and one from Student Affairs, and one program from either Academic Affairs or Student Affairs to receive this award.

The Outstanding Advisor Awards include:

  • $50 Bronco Gift Card.
  • A book from the Faculty Center for Professional Development.
  • Outstanding Academic Advisor framed certificate. 

Postponed: 2019-2020 Outstanding Advisor Awards

Due to the social distancing guidelines related to COVID-19, we will be postponing the Outstanding Advisor Awards to a future date. While we are saddened to announce this delay, we  look forward to celebrating under happier and healthier circumstances soon.

If you have questions, please contact Erin DeRosa at ederosa@cpp.edu or 909-869-2271.