Outstanding Staff Advisor

Process for selection

Outstanding Staff Advisors from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs are selected by Provost Alva and Vice President Jarnagin, respectively. Each vice president submits:

  • The name of the Outstanding Staff Advisor.
  • A detailed description of the staff member’s special contributions to advising that merit this recognition.
  • An explanation of your selection process, including how students were involved and how the selection was made.
  • The name and contact information of the student who will present the award.

Important notice

The Outstanding Staff Advisor is not restricted to any particular classification. For the purpose of this award, an advisor is defined broadly as an individual who offers information or makes recommendations on a subject or course of action.

The definition of advisor used here may differ from the definition used in collective bargaining agreements and in Human Resources (such as for position descriptions and CSU classification and qualification standards).

Criteria for award

It is expected that the nominees will fulfill at an exceptional level, in a manner consistent with their position, criteria from the following list:

  • Advocate for student success.
  • Encourage and respect students to establish goals and objectives.
  • Understand, interpret and accurately communicate policies, procedures and information, to assist students to make well-informed academic decisions.
  • Seek practical, thorough and innovative solutions to students’ problems.
  • Obtain factual information on which the appropriate authority can base recommendations, decisions or other actions.
  • Recognize his/her limitations and make referrals to qualified persons and appropriate programs and services.
  • Effectively handle a broad range of interpersonal contacts, including those sensitive in nature.
  • Maintain clear lines of communication with those who have responsibility and authority for decisions regarding academic advising.