Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure-Principal Investigators


Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure-Principal Investigators

Policy Number:   1.12
Date Adopted:   August 1986
Last Revised:  October 23, 1995




Policy Statement:

Each individual member of the university community is responsible for acting in an ethical and professional manner. This responsibility includes avoiding conflict of interest, conducting research and instruction in an ethical manner, and protecting the rights of all individuals. All members of the community, including members of the faculty, administration, student body and staff, should conduct themselves with the greatest professional objectivity.

In compliance with State of California, California State University and Cal Poly Pomona Policy, research activities funded by sources that are not governmental agencies or specified non-profit organizations require completion of "Principal Investigator's Statement of Economic Interest" ‚ California Form 700-U.

In compliance with 42 CFR 50 Subpart F, research or educational activities funded or proposed for funding by NSF or PHS require disclosure of significant financial interests in a proposal or project by an investigator (including financial interests of an investigator's spouse and dependent children) is to be made not only by the Principal Investigator/Project Director, but also by co-Principal Investigator/Project Director, and any other persons at the university who are responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of said activities. Sub-grantees, contractors, or collaborators must also comply with these requirements. 


  • Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Independent Reveiw Committee
  • Conflict of Interest Filing Officer