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Graduate Programs

The College of Engineering offers 5 Master of Science Degrees in:


Civil Engineering
Brochure (PDF)
Program serves students who have a BSCE or closely-related undergraduate degree in order to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of civil engineering principles and practices.  The program also facilitates applied research on relevant civil engineering topics.


Electrical Engineering
Brochure (PDF)
Program provides comprehensive preparation for advanced work in the electrical engineering profession. This program has three options: Communication Systems, Computer Engineering, and Control Robotics.


Engineering Management
Brochure (PDF)
Program gives engineers advanced multidisciplinary training in manufacturing, production and operations management, business, and finance. It is an interdisciplinary program offered by the College of Engineering in cooperation with the College of Business Administration.



Mechanical Engineering
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Program provides students with a comprehensive preparation for advanced work in the mechanical engineering profession. Emphasis is placed on rapidly developing fields such as Computer Aided Design, Computational Thermal and Fluid Sciences, and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems.

ARO Grad

Engineering with Emphasis in Aerospace Engineering
Brochure (PDF)
Program is offered at the Lancaster University Center (LUC) in Lancaster.  Courses are taught in person, some by Cal Poly Pomona Engineering faculty and some by adjunct engineers/scientists from the local aerospace community in Antelope Valley.


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