Maximizing Engineering Potential

Maximizing Engineering Potential

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Over 80% of our first-year students received need-based aid—with the average financial aid package being $10,663. Your contribution will be used to provide “Bronco Bucks,” which is money deposited into the student ID card. These funds can be used to purchase textbooks, meals, and school supplies.

MEP: Center for Gender, Diversity & Student Excellence

Learn by Doing - Achieve by Excellence
20-20 by 2020

Mission Statement

The mission of MEP: Center for Gender, Diversity & Student Excellence is to prepare historically under-represented minority, women, low-income, and first-generation engineering students to become professionals and leaders capable of tackling life-long, intellectual, socio-ethical, and career challenges in a changing world.

Vision Statement

MEP: Center for Gender, Diversity & Student Excellence aspires to be a premier center of excellence for preparing diverse communities of student learners for academic, professional, and leadership opportunities in a global society.


Learn by Doing - Achieve by Excellence 

MEP: Center for Gender, Diversity & Student Excellence implements a strong student-centric approach toward academic retention and graduation success. Students are selected and trained to be responsible for their own learning via a cascade of activities and events. Embracing access and inclusion and promoting standards of excellence, the Center serves all students who need assistance. By instilling behaviors that enhance the dignity and worth of all individuals and by promoting the value of personal tenacity and social responsibility, the Center strives to produce engineering professionals, scholars, and leaders of all backgrounds.


  • By challenging individuals to embrace diversity and expand their worldview
  • By ensuring an inclusive climate that recognizes, values, and supports diversity
  • By offering opportunities for team work and collaboration


  • By implementing high impact practices
  • By providing professional and leadership development and lifelong learning skills


  • By creating high standards of performance
  • By measuring success via a comprehensive assessment plan


  • By ensuring fair treatment of all students in services, policies, and procedures
  • By encouraging honest, respectful, and continual exchange of diverse views