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Academic Disqualification

Academic Disqualification and Options for Enrolling after Disqualification

Disqualification occurs when the student's GPA reaches the levels specified below. A student who is disqualified on the basis of their grade point average will not be allowed to attend Cal Poly Pomona for at least one term. If the student does not improve their academic standing, they may not be able to return to Cal Poly Pomona.

Quarter Units Completed Semester Units Completed Grade Point Average
Freshman Less than 45 Less than 30 <1.5
Sophomore 45-89 30-59 <1.7
Junior 90 - 134 60-89 <1.85
Senior 135 or more 90 or more <1.95


Students are notified of their academic disqualification as soon as possible after the end of the term.

Students have options available in order to regain their enrollment eligibility. Students should visit their academic advisor IMMEDIATELY to discuss which option is best for them. International Students should also see their International Center Advisor for additional information.


To view your options for continuing your educational career at CPP, please select from the options below.