The Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center

Tutoring services are being offered both in-person and online. Email for general questions and visit CPP Connect or to make an online appointment. 

Our Mission

The Learning Resource Center’s mission is to promote student success by providing programs and services that advance students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills.

About Us

Located on the second floor of the University Library (Building 15) in Rooms 2919 and 2921, the LRC is the University’s most comprehensive tutoring service, promoting the development of students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills through Academic Skills Coaching, Subject Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and the Writing Center. The LRC is one of the programs within Academic Support & Learning Services under the Office of Student Success.

Our Services

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Subject Tutoring

  • Individual and Group tutoring (appointment and drop-in)
  • Online synchronous tutoring via Zoom
  • List of courses supported
  • LRC Happy Hour
  • LRC Speak Easy
  • Course-specific workshops
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Writing Center

  • Individual and Group tutoring (appointment and drop-in)
  • Online synchronous tutoring via Zoom
  • Online asynchronous tutoring via Canvas (submission instructions)
  • Writing tutoring in all CPP courses
  • Writing tutoring for applications, resumes, and personal statements

Academic Skills

  • Individual tutoring (appointment only)
  • Peer coaching for Academic Success
  • How to Learn series: Learning Strategies, Productivity, and Mindset
  • Academic Skills Workshops (StudentLingo interactive on-demand videos)
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  • Course Concept Reviews
  • Academic Skills Workshops (How to Learn and Student Lingo)
  • Writing and Grammar
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Supplemental Instruction

  • SI Overview and Schedule

Test Preparation

  • ALEKS PPL (Math Analysis and Precalculus)
  • Graduate entrance exams (quantitative and writing portions)