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Get in Gear! Take 30 Semester Units A Year

Take 30

Want to graduate on time? Save money? Get better grades?

Plan for 30 semester units every academic year to stay on track!

Most degrees at Cal Poly Pomona are 120 semester units. Taking 30 units per year puts students who are on these degree programs on track to graduate in two (for transfer students) or four years (for first-time freshmen). Engineering and architecture degrees have more units and are considered five-year programs. Work with your academic advisor for longterm academic planning and determining your unit load. 

Student Testimonials About Taking 30

“I first heard about the program at Orientation. The idea of taking 30 units a year helped me gain a sense of what I need to do to graduate on time and to set myself up for a successful time at Cal Poly Pomona. I currently plan to take 30 units each semester, I might take extra units during the summer to get ahead so I can have more time to work. Planning for 30 units a semester has kept me on track and motivated.”

Avery H., Communication

"I heard about Take 30 when I got into CPP for my first semester! It really helps me stay on track and not slack off especially when the semesters burn out my energy. I highly, highly recommend it!”

Mohraiel M., Computer Science

“The idea of taking 30 units a year resonates with me because it helps keep me on track to graduate from CPP within 2 years. I used my Planner to plan out my 30 units and I have decided to stick to 15 units a semester. I work full time and I go to school full time, so it’s hard to push things until the last minute. I also have other commitments for other classes. so it helps having a tight schedule because it keeps me on top of things. Having an advisor work alongside me helps a lot.”

Stephanie T., Kinesiology