Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Strategic Plan

Cal Poly Pomona’s planning and implementation activities are firmly grounded in its mission, shared vision and core values. Planning is the foundation for decision-making and resource allocation.  The campus’s decentralized decision-making model has made it possible to move forward on important issues such as emphasizing the learning-centered focus, implementing the teacher-scholar vision and identifying replicable best practices within programs.  The key to this has been the intentional use of committees and task forces with broad representation from stakeholders across the university, empowering affected constituencies and putting decisions in the hands of those closest to the issues. Decisions reached in this bottom-up manner have been found to receive more acceptance, support, and participation from the campus community. CPP’s engagement in creating a University Strategic Plan reflects the results of these decentralized efforts – guided by a unified vision - culminating in a centralized document that provides the campus with articulated goals and priorities through 2015. The creation of the University Strategic Plan was primarily guided by the Academic Strategic Plan and encompasses the strategic plans of individual divisions, colleges and departments. The campus community’s strong commitment to its shared mission is the glue that binds these decisions to create excellence.

The links below describe the Academic Strategic Plan and the ongoing collective efforts to achieve the goals outlined in the plan. 

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