Academic Affairs

Policy and Procedure Resources

Provost's Office Portal

Provost's Office Portal - for submitting requests to the Provost for approval and signature

Domestic State Travel

Domestic State Travel - for faculty/staff (when applicable), and for administrators who report directly to the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

International Travel

International Travel - for faculty, staff, and students

Properly Coding Accounts

Properly Coding Accounts - for information and guidance related to expenditures

HR Actions

HR Actions - for staff and MPP positions

Academic Manual

Academic Manual Online - central repository for all academic policies


Forms for State and Foundation you might find helpful

Awards & Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions - for the George P. Hart Award, Outstanding Advisor Awards, Provost's Award Staff Member of the Year, and Provost's Awards for Excellence

Open Positions

Open Positions - jobs for faculty and for Academic Affairs staff/management

Accounting Services

Accounting Services- for faculty and staff with further accounting questions