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1200 - 1299 | Research and Instructional Support

1200 - 1299 | Research and Instructional Support
Policy Title Senate Report Contact
1200 University Course Syllabus Policy AS-2685-167-FA AVP Faculty Affairs
1201 Policy on Final Exam AS-2685-167-FA AVP Faculty Affairs
1203 Conflict of Interest in Assignment of Course Materials AS-2341-910-FA AVP Faculty Affairs
1206 Minimum Qualifications of Principal Investigator(s) for Sponsored Programs - Interim Policy AS-2346-910-FA AVP, Research
1207 Policy and Procedures for Reporting and Dealing with Possible Misconduct in Research AS-2259-078-FA AVP, Research
1210 Faculty Statement on Academic Freedom Appendix 39 AVP Faculty Affairs
1211 Process on Selection of Outstanding Faculty Advisor AS-2406-123-FA AVP Faculty Affairs
1212 Provost's Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Scholarly and Creative Activities, and Service AS-2756-178-FA AVP Faculty Affairs
1220 Intellectual Property Rights AS-2204-056-FA AVP, Research