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1400 - 1499 | Academic Standards and Regulations

1400 - 1499 | Academic Standards and Regulations
Policy Title Senate Report Contact
1407 Policy on Exclusion of Students from Classes UM 402.79
1411 Transfer Credit - Undergraduate Program AS-2704-167-AA Associate Provost
1416 Taping of Faculty Lectures UM 402.8
1418 Auditing Courses AS-2704-167-AA Associate Provost
1419 Concurrent Enrollment in Post Baccalaureate Program
1426 Academic Minors AS-2704-167-AA Associate Provost
1430 Academic Standing - Undergraduate Students AS-2830-189-AA Associate Provost
1431 Academic Standing - Postbaccalaureate Students AS-2830-189-AA Associate Provost
1436 Graduation Writing Test (GWT) AS-2889-190-AA Associate Provost
1438 Participation in Graduation Ceremonies for Undergraduate Students AS-2704-167-AA Associate Provost
1444 Change of Major and Double Majors AS-2704-167-AA Associate Provost
1446 Honors Policy AS-2811-189-AA Associate Provost
1451 Lengths of Add and Drop Periods in the Semester Calendar AS-2826-189-AA Associate Provost
1452 Course Materials Adoption Policy AS-2856-190-AA Associate Provost
1453 Graduate Student Full-Time and Part-Time AS-2850-190-AA AVP Academic Programs
1454 Accomodations of Military Student Service Obligations (Less than 30 Days) AS-2938-201-AA AVP Academic Programs