University Advising

Adding the Game Plan Module to Your Canvas Course

Step 1: On your Canvas homepage navigation, find the Commons icon.

Screenshot of Canvas navigation with a red box around the Commons icon

Step 2: Search for "cpp game plan" in the search bar. Click on the module link. 

Screenshot of Canvas search with red boxes highlighting "cpp game plan" and the module in the search results

Step 3: You can preview the module by clicking on each page. To import it into a course. click on Import/Download. 

 Screenshot of the module preview with red boxes around the preview and the Import button

Step 4: Pick the course(s) you want to add the module to, and click on Import Into Course. 

Screenshot of import screen with red box highlighted around the Import button

Step 5: In a few minutes, you'll see the module in your Canvas course. 

Screenshot of module