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Progress Report Guide FAQs

One for all courses and sections you are teaching. All sections can be found within the same progress report email. When you submit your progress report you submit for all sections.

You do not need to submit a progress report for every student in your class. If you prefer, you only need to submit requests for the students who may need additional support for any of the prescribed alert reasons. If all students are making satisfactory progress in your courses, you may leave all remaining students blank. You do not need to select “no” for all students on track, but you are welcome to if you would like.

No. For the students who need additional support, you only need to mark them as needing support and select a reason(s). The rest of the information is optional and, if added, will be referenced by the advisors who are assisting students.

No. You can submit a few progress reports and select the “I’m not done” option to come back to complete them at a later time within the progress report window.

Unfortunately, no. Once you complete and submit your progress reports, they cannot be edited. However, if you have mistakenly submitted a report in error or would like to report a wellbeing concern please contact the Early Alerts Intervention Specialist at Also, remember that progress report requests are sent out at multiple points during the term (see the Progress Report timeline) so you will have additional opportunities to submit reports if needed.

The link works best using Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla. Do not use Internet Explorer. You can also copy and paste the link from your email rather than clicking on the link.

Unfortunately, no. As a reminder, you will have multiple opportunities throughout the semester to submit a progress report on your students. If you have academic concerns, please see the early alert best practices. If you have a wellbeing concern, please contact the Early Alerts Intervention Specialist at and let us know which of your students need support and for what reason.

Please note that progress reports only display active undergraduate students enrolled through Cal Poly Pomona. It will not display graduate students, post-baccalaureate, credential, or Open University students. If these students need additional support, contact the Early Alerts Intervention Specialist at and communicate any concerns or support your student may need.

At this moment, progress report submissions are only for active undergraduate students. Graduate and Open University students will not appear in your progress report(s). If you have any questions or concerns around how to best support your student(s), please email us at

Yes. Please contact the contact the Early Alerts Intervention Specialist at and let us know.

Please view the progress report timeline to reference when progress report campaigns will be active.

Yes. You will receive an email confirmation after you submit it.