University Brand

Why Brand & Branding Matter

Our brand is more than a logo. It’s the collective perception people hold in their minds about Cal Poly Pomona – what we do and stand for, what makes us special, and the feelings we evoke.

Branding is the tangible assets – logos, colors, fonts, etc. – that remind audiences of our brand. Whenever we communicate or interact with someone about CPP, that person forms opinions about us. This makes us all “brand ambassadors”, and it’s important that we communicate consistently – using the branding and messaging that reinforce our brand. 

The guidelines and tools on this site will enable all in our campus community to tell the same powerful Cal Poly Pomona story. 

Rebranding Initiative

In 2018, Cal Poly Pomona introduced a new logo referencing our polytechnic identity that was not widely embraced by the campus community. Since then, Strategic Communications has conducted extensive research to gain a deeper understanding of CPP and our unique points of difference.

The world has changed a great deal since 2018 as well. We now face a shrinking pool of high school graduates who have more options for post-secondary education or jobs, and increasing competition to attract them. It’s also more challenging to attract and retain employees, and to raise funds from donors. To address this new reality, using our new insights into CPP, we are working toward a full rebranding in mid-2024.

Why We Need Branding and You

Watch the video for more details on our brand building initiative.


While people love the CPP brand and what it stands for, the branding/logo introduced in 2018 has not been widely embraced. Designers find it difficult to use, and it doesn’t look related to, or “family well, with the university seal and athletics logo. Most importantly, however, is that since 2018 we have gained a deeper understanding of the CPP brand through brand strategy work. Rebranding will reflect our more holistic level of knowledge of the university and better represent CPP. 

We are aiming to introduce the new branding in fall 2024. 

Rebranding will include more than a new university logo, university seal and new font for Athletics. All university assets – websites, brochures, publications, signage, etc. – will have a new look and feel that evokes the CPP brand. These changes will roll out over a period of time, starting in fall 2024.

No. The Bronco Athletics logo is well loved, and we intend to keep it.  

Yes. We will certainly continue to share how our students learn by doing through the CPP Polytechnic Experience that we offer. However, it will not be a tagline or slogan for us because it’s not ownable (i.e., it’s not unique to CPP). Our sister campus to the north is already using the phrase in their branding, and we need to distinguish ourselves from them.  

A core group of marketing experts in Strategic Communications is leading the initiative, obtaining feedback from a wide variety of campus and community stakeholders throughout the process. These include campus communicators, a committee of campus-based marketing advisors, an alumni advisory board, campus leadership, students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members. 

Yes. Strategic Communications will be soliciting feedback from a diverse group of campus stakeholders throughout the process. Campus communicators, a committee of campus-based marketing advisors, an alumni advisory board, campus leadership, students, faculty, staff and alumni will all be given an opportunity for feedback. 

The university has contracted with 160over90, a global creative agency with deep experience in marketing and branding for higher education (including San Diego State University and UCLA) and consumer products. 160over90 is not the same agency that was used for the 2018 rebranding.

While we have very talented marketers and communicators on campus, effective rebranding requires a level of expertise found in creative agencies that do this type of work every day. Using an agency also brings an objective perspective and provides context, as they have experience working with other higher ed institutions. 

Since the last rebranding, we have gained a deeper understanding of the CPP brand through brand strategy work. The brand identity pieces, including the logo, will reflect that more holistic level of knowledge. We are also being very intentional about listening to and engaging a wide array of campus and community stakeholders throughout the rebranding process.   

The cost of the agency and other brand building work in FY 22/23 and beyond is being paid with philanthropic funds. We are not using any funds we receive from the state or tuition.

Colleges are considered sub-brands of the university. Rebranding will include looking at how all our logos fit together as a “family,” and there will be new sub-branding guidelines for colleges, programs, events, etc. 

Yes. Rebranding will include looking at how all our logos fit together as a “family,” and there will be new sub-branding guidelines for colleges, programs, events, etc. 

Yes, as long as they fit within our new brand "family" and follow the new sub-branding guidelines. Strategic Communications will provide communicators with tools and training to help with this process. 

Rebranding will include looking at how all our logos fit together as a “family, and there will be new sub-branding guidelines for colleges, programs, events, etc. In cases where a logo is firmly established and beloved, we will consider how that could still be used or if it’s better to update the branding. 
Still have a question about our rebranding initiative? Email Karen Lindell, director of marketing and brand strategy.