University Brand

Typography Guidelines


The selection of typography plays an important role in reinforcing our brand in all communications. The approved fonts are confident and simple, reflecting Cal Poly Pomona's contemporary nature.

Primary Font

It is the responsibility of each department to add these fonts to their devices. Please contact IT if you require assistance.

All styles of Helvetica:4.1-primary-font.jpg
  • Helvetica Light
  • Helvetica Light Oblique
  • Helvetica Regular
  • Helvetica Oblique
  • Helvetica Bold
  • Helvetica Bold Oblique
  • Justus Pro Regular4.2-supporting-typeface-justus.jpg
  • Justus Pro Regular Italic


Justus is available through TypeKit.

Alternative Fonts

While Helvetica and Justus Pro is the primary and preferred typeface for Cal Poly Pomona, Arial and Rockwell are acceptable substitute when the primary font is not available. 

  • Rockwell Light
  • Rockwell Light Italic4.0typface-alternative-fonts-rockwell-aria.jpg
  • Rockwell Regular
  • Arial Regular
  • Arial Regular Italic
  • Arial Bold
  • Arial Bold Italic

 Type in Use

Our typographic language can be accomplished by simply using smart choices when it comes to hierarchy and applying emphasis.
Think of Justus primarily as a display font (voice font), used large and for communicating the core message.

Helvetica will support the typographic language by primarily communicating longer lead-ins of information.
And back to Justus again for the reader friendly text.