University Brand

Seal Guidelines

The University Seal design is used to impart legitimacy, authority, history, a vintage or retro feel, cultural importance, institutional prominence, strength and stability. The distinct nature of the university can be further informed by image choice(s), color, typestyle and layout. The official, historical feel of seal logos can contribute to an effective, elegant, succinct, solid statement of identity.


It is used for all official University events such as commencement and convocation. It appears only on official documents. Examples include: presidential stationery, diplomas and resolutions – and it signifies the University’s approval of actions and events. The University seal and logo should never be combined.

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University Seal Heritage/History

History Our new seal represents both our rich heritage and our unique philosophy and approach to education. 
Seal heritage history (pdf)Seal heritage     history PDF format


University Seal Font

Din Bold is the only typeface represented in the seal.

Like our wordmark, the University seal has been drawn with particular relationships between type and line thicknesses—in order to maintain consistency, the seal should never be altered or recreated.
*Note: Seek permission from the Department of Strategic Communications before using.
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Seal of Surfaces

University Seal Color

Our seal should only be displayed in the approved color combinations shown here.

The seal may also be used in print situations as an engraved or embossed element.

When appropriate, the seal may also be set in various materials such as silver, gold, or other material substrates.

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