Logo Guidelines

The Cal Poly Pomona logo is a valuable, proprietary asset that should be respected and never altered. If you have questions about logo use, please contact Karen Lindell, director of marking and brand strategy. 

Primary Logo

Our identity consists of both and icon (the octagon) and wordmark (Cal Poly Pomona) which must always appear together in the exact colors and proportions illustrated.

CPP primary logo horizontal


CPP primary logo horizontal minimum sizeThe Primary Logo is the most commonly used version in Cal Poly Pomona communication materials. The type should never appear in any other way – with different typefaces or disproportionately distorted dimensions. 

The logo is the cornerstone of the visual identity system. It must appear at least once on every piece of communication and should comply to the standards in this guideline.

*Minimum size: 1.5 inches wide is the limit of legibility

Primary Logo Horizontal Stacked and Primary Logo Vertical Stacked

Alternative designs are supplied and can be used when space necessitates their usage.

CPP primary logo horizontal and vertical stacked

*Primary logo horizontal stacked minimum size: 1.25 inches wide is the limit of legibility
*Primary logo vertical stacked minimum size: 0.5 inches wide is the limit of legibility

Clear Space

To ensure the integrity of the logo, we surround it with clear space. This clear space should never be encroached on by typography, imagery or any elements. The following shows the minimum amount of clear space that should surround the logo. This distance is determined by the logo letter height (x). It is recommended that a distance of 2x is left clear around the typography, imagery or any elements.
CPP logo clear space

Minimum Size

The CPP logo should not be used in applications smaller than .45 inches or 20 pixels tall. The only allowable exception to this is when there is not space to meet this standard.


Wordmark Variations

Full one-line
This configuration is the preferred way of displaying our name.
Full two-line
This configuration should only be used when horizontal space is limited and the one-line variation is not legible. This should be used in limited situations.
CPP logo wordmark variations


Logo Variations

To add depth, variety, innovation, and fun to the Cal Poly Pomona identity, there are multiple variations of the logo.

CPP logo variations

On Backgrounds 

When placing the logo on a dark background, the white version of the logo should be used. Though not as preferable, the black logo should be used on light backgrounds. These illustrations are examples of the correct way to use the logo on a variety of backgrounds. It is important to have adequate contrast between the mark and the background for optimal visbility.
Screenshot of logos on background

Over Photography

When the logo is layered over a photograph, place the logo in a neutral, uncluttered area of the photograph. Nothing behind the logo should distract or interefer with its legibility. 
Screenshot of logo on photography