Singelyn Graduate School of Business

Lorenzo's Story

Lorenzo Martinez
MBA Student • Class of 2023

My name is Lorenzo, and I'm a first-generation immigrant from the SF Bay Area currently pursuing an MBA at Cal Poly Pomona.

I chose Cal Poly Pomona because of their diverse students and professors. Many professors have real experience in their respective fields,  and combined with Cal Poly’s hands on mission it leads to an excellent education. I'm a sociologist and economist by training, and my studies have given me a deep appreciation for the importance of education and its potential to create positive change.

Growing up in a household that valued education, I was motivated to pursue higher learning after attending De Anza community college. At UC Santa Cruz, I was encouraged by my professors to continue my education, and I found myself drawn to MBA programs throughout the state. Through my studies, I've discovered a passion for leadership, cultural diversity, and learning.

As a Latino male and immigrant, I'm deeply aware of the social issues that affect our society. My knowledge of issues related to race, class, and gender has shaped my approach to management and leadership. I believe that acceptance, kindness, and understanding are essential qualities that can make a world of difference.