Graduate Business Programs

Vishal's Story

MBA Student

Tell us about yourself

I’ve been in the Information Technology industry for over 17 years, primarily working in the project management roles. Most recently, I am working as a Portfolio Manager for a greenfield project involving cutting edge technology both in the field and in the backend office. My responsibilities span across multiple aspects of project management; starting from contract building to successful execution of the project within a committed timeline and with the highest levels of quality. By pursuing a degree in MBA, I am looking forward to the holistic growth of my business skills. It will enable me to understand the cross-functional level of enterprise complexity and identify the right opportunity to apply my learnings.

What interests and excites you about business?

Thinking about business, the first word that comes to my mind is the encyclopedia. There are a large number of companies trying to excel and survive in their respective fields, where the company is defining its model and following various practices resulting in different levels of success and failures. The advent of technology and diversity has diluted national boundaries and provide leverage to businesses to customize and implement their models on a global scale. I am interested in learning about these models and feel excited to relate them. 

Tell us about your experience in the MBA program.

I find my experience with the MBA program terrific. I come with extensive industry experience. Before joining his course, I used to come across many things in my day to day working that became obvious to me without applying reasoning or logic behind them. Courses like Organization Behavior, Finance and Managerial Accounting, Marketing, etc. have broadened the horizon of my outlook on business activities. I have started building rationalization around things I experience. It’s a great learning journey. 

What strengths/skills have you gained from the program and taken back to work?

I believe the key skill I have gained from the program is being rational. I am learning many business fundamentals and theories during the program that have refined my thought process. I have started applying the reasoning behind things I do and experience at my work, ranging from my engagement with people around me to how my company executes its business model and do decision making. I also try to apply my knowledge outside my work in places such as shopping stores, restaurants, online merchants, etc. I try to decipher their models and brainstorm on what differentiates them from other competitors. 

What is your future goal?

With strong and rich industry experience, my near-term goal is to take a higher level of responsibilities and challenges in mid to senior management positions. Leveraging my knowledge of the core technology business, I hope to add value to the technology strategy of the company and bringing in value proposition to customers. In the long term, I would like to initiate and run a startup IT services company providing solutions to customers. This would require me to have the right blend of business and technical understanding.

Do you have any advice for future MBA students?

My advice to future MBA students is to fully enjoy their learning journey and make it an enriching experience. I believe the whole idea of one seeking admission to graduate program shows their quest for knowledge and determination to hone up their skills to have a brighter future. The program curriculum is full of learnings and discoveries. All the Best!!!