Graduate Business Programs

Claudia's Story

Claudia Fuentes

MSIS Student • Class of 2023

I’m in the MSIS program where I’ll be graduating Spring 2023. I’ve recently acquired my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Cal State LA. After having graduated, I was drawn to enroll in the MSIS program because I was intrigued that this degree emphasizes for those wanting to have a career in Computer Forensics.

I choose CPP for my master’s degree program because it encompasses everything, I am looking for to continue down my educational path. The CPP program will provide me the tools needed to obtain my chosen career.

My favorite class I have taken so far was in my first semester with Dr. Pike that was GBA 6270 Computer Based Data Communications. That class taught me the fundamentals and key elements of modern networking and cybersecurity.

The skills that I have gained and continue to grow is my leadership skill. I can lead a group of students and help the team persevere through any tasks until the assignment is complete. This skill has been extremely helpful during the program because the workload is heavier, and the leadership skill allows me to assign tasks according to the strengths of my teammates.

My advice to future graduate business students is to take advantage of the opportunity of the graduate programs as they will lead to better options in the future. The more they can learn, the more paths will open and provide doors that were not visible to them before.

The skill I have always wanted to acquire is the ability to play the piano. Even though I have not acquired this skill yet, I have always found the piano a very interesting instrument.