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Support for PIE comes in all shapes and sizes. No gift is too large or too small. Our primary objective is to provide $4,000 fellowships to teacher candidates who are preparing for their clinical practice experience, one of the most financially challenging periods in any teacher's life. Having to work full or part time while engaged in clinical practice is extremely difficult, and in some cases, impossible to do. PIE Fellowships keep our best, financially neediest students in the classroom at a time when they focus on that experience. Help touch a life now and indirectly touch hundreds if not thousands of students who will benefit from the experience of these future teachers.

Your gift of any amount will benefit our fellowship program and our annual "Sponsor a Future Teacher" Awards Ceremony. There are two ways to give:

You may give online through our secure online portal (choose PIE Sponsor a Future Teacher Scholarship on the dropdown Designation menu)


Send your gift to:

Cal Poly Pomona 
Office of University Advancement 
3801 W. Temple Avenue 
Pomona, CA 91768

Please make your check payable to the Cal Poly Pomona Philanthropic Foundation


Many people wonder how to get involved with the great things that PIE is accomplishing in partnership with Cal Poly Pomona. One of the many ways you can help the education community is by giving your time.

Get involved with the Education Alumni Group

In partnership with PIE, the Education Alumni Group provides continuing education for Cal Poly Pomona alumni as well as local educators. The Education Alumni Association will continue to ensure that our alumni and other local educators stay current with trends in education and have the training necessary to promote success in the classroom for both the student and teacher:

For more information about the Education Alumni Group, email Nick Salerno at

Ambassador Program

The PIE Board established the Ambassador Program to provide additional support to its fellowship recipients. When a fellowship is awarded to a credential candidate, that fellowship recipient is paired with a PIE Board Member to serve as Ambassador. Through regular communications, the PIE Ambassador's role is to keep the credential candidate connected to the university by providing information on university- and PIE-sponsored events throughout the year as well as learn more about the experiences of the fellowship recipients. Board Members have found it not only exciting but rewarding to participate in the successes of the fellowship recipients through encouragement and collaboration beyond the financial support afforded through the fellowship program.

Fellowship recipients have responded positively to the Ambassador Program. Below are a few remarks made by students who have participated in the Ambassador Program.

"My Ambassador helps me see how great education really is and how I'm making a difference." 

"Her encouragement and pride in my abilities has continually inspired me to succeed in my teaching career."

"I enjoyed talking about my teaching experience with my Ambassador because I knew she was supportive and provided feedback where necessary."

"She has kept me in the loop when it comes to new programs that are meant for my field of special education."

"It means a lot to know that my PIE Ambassador cares about my success."

"The most rewarding part of the collaboration was having my PIE Ambassador visit the classroom, both during open house and during school."

"I think it's an amazing program!"

PIE appreciates hearing from our PIE fellows regarding this program and thanks those PIE Board Members who have made a significant difference through their collaboration with and support of our new teachers.