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Research Labs

a student helping a kid on crutches

The Prosociality and Well-being Lab

Directed by Dr. Rachel Baumsteiger, the Prosociality and Well-being Lab seeks to learn about the mechanisms and outcomes of prosocial development, especially during adolescence and young adulthood, and to use this knowledge to develop and disseminate strategies for promoting well-being.

V Seyranian working with students

The Transformational Research Lab

Directed by Dr. Viviane Seyranian, The Transformational Research Lab team draws on positive and social psychology to develop, implement, and scientifically test interventions and communications to help individuals and groups actualize their highest potentials and live in harmony with the natural environment.

group of people talking

The Socio-Ecological Intersectionality Framework Lab

Dr. Soeun Park is a socioecological thinker ​influenced by her family’s journey of recovery ​from intergenerational trauma rooted in ​patriarchal pressures. 


group of elementary children doing a high Five

The Socioemotional Lab

The Socioemotional Lab focuses on research examining the intersection of social and emotional learning, social justice, and promoting culturally responsive school-based mental health.