Michi and Walter Weglyn Multicultural Studies Chair

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Spring Semester 2021: Social Justice Webinar Series


Michi and Walter Weglyn.  Representation and Advocacy in Music.  A Conversation with Maestro Anthony Parnther.  Date: Thursday March 25, 2021.  Time: 12 - 1pm PST.  Zoom ID:  B17 2124 9677

Representation and Advocacy in Music

Speaker:  Maestro Anthony Parnther
Thursday April 25, 2021; 12 - 1 PM PST

Maya Sotero

Navigational Leadership and Climate Justice

Speaker:  Maya Sotero
Tuesday April 13, 2021

Auntie sewing squad

Bad ASS Aunties: Auntie Sewing Squad Caring for Communities in Need and Building Community During A Pandemic

Speakers:  Auntie Sewing Squad
Friday April 16, 2021; 3:30 - 5:00 PM

AthleteAlly Victory Through Unity.

Trans Inclusion and Allyship: Imaging a Nonbinary Future of Sport

Speakers:  Anna Baeth
Tuesday, April 20, 2021

lady dancing in folklorico

Interethnic Solidarity and Civil Rights: A Discussion and Performance about the Real History of Cinco de Mayo as an American Tradition *

Performance by Dr. Jessie Vallejo & CPP Students
Tuesday, May 4