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Spring 2020

Feburary 6

Pau Hana Sessions Cal Poly Pomona 


Pau Hana Sessions: creative media platform run by three social scientists that focuses on curating place-based educational experiences between artists and communities

Gala Rae: also known as Jasmine Rae Gatdula, is a Cal Poly Pomona student who is majoring in Music

Fall 2019

September 28

Live Podcast of They Call Us Bruce with Helen Zia

Panel Speakers:

They Call Us Bruce: a podcast run by Jeff Yang, who is an Asian American writer, journalist, and businessman and Phil Yu a Korean American blogger also known as "Angry Asian Man"

Helen Zia: a Chinese American journalist and activist for Asian American and LGBTQ rights

Spring 2019

March 29

Resistance, Resiliance, & Action

Panel Speakers:

            Jonnie Owens: Community Relations Coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona

            Faye Wachs: Sociology Professor at Cal Poly Pomona 

            Shayda Kafai: Ethnic and Womens Studies Professor at Cal Poly Pomona 

Fall 2018

October 16

Does my Voice Matter? The Paradox of the American Dream

Panel Speakers:

            Melina Abdullah: Professor at Cal State University of Los Angeles

            Jorge Guiterrez: Trans Queer Liberation Movement

            Chris Lapining: Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Los Angeles 

Fall 2017 

Nocember 9

OutRun Screening and Q&A

OutRun film screening in the BSC, followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

Winter 2015

February 19 

Memory's WARrants

Panel Speakers: Dr. Viet Le and Phi Hong Su

Fall 2014

October 28  

Weglyn Lecture Series: Social Justice and Identity Politics

Panel Speakers: Phil Yu and Dan Mathews

Winter 2014

Feburary 18

Day of Remembrance: Commemorating the Japanese American Internment

Panel Speakers: Dr. Franklin Odo, Dr. Cathy Schlund-Vials, Dr. Steven Shiematsu


Feburary 26

Indigenity in Motion: Impact of and Response to Globalization by Indigenous Communities in the Americas, North Africa, and Pacific Islands.

Panel Speakers: Fatima Sadiqi


March 4 

Asian American in Film, Food, and Marketing

Panel Speakers: Shilpa Dave, Robert Ku, Bill Imada  

Spring 2014

April 18 

Women in Motion: Border Exchanges at the Intersections of Home and Diaspora, the Global and the Local, Urban and Rural

Panel Speakers: Fatima Sadiqi


April 29

Asian Americans in Higher Education

Panel Speakers: Doris Ching, Anna Gonzalez, Henry Gee, Bob Suzuki 


April 29

Asian American Literature

Panel Speakers: Gary Pak, Andrew Lam 

Winter 2009

January 29 

Remembering Michi Nishiura Weglyn

A Tribute to An Amazing Legacy of Social Justice and Peace


January 29

A Special Evening with DANIEL HO & FRIENDS

Three-time Grammy Award Winner and two-time Nominee


February 17 

Passing Poston Documentary Screening

Documentary Passing Poston – followed by Q&A with survivors of internment.

Panel Speakers: Mary Higashi, Ruth Okimoto, Leon Uyeda, and Kiyo Sato

Spring 2009

April 7 

Multiracial Relations, Identities, and Communities

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Rudy Gueverra: Assistant Professor of Asian Pacific American Studies at Arizona State University

Dr. Jon Okamura: Associate Professor of Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Dr. Caroline Streeter: Assistant Professor for the Department of English and Center for African Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles


April 16 

All Day Marathon Read Aloud: Years of infamy : the untold story of America’s concentration camps by Michi Weglyn



May 14 

Panel on Filipino Diaspora

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Augusto Espiritu: Associate Professor of History at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Martin Manalansan: Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Download: Filipino Diaspora Flyer (PDF)

Fall 2008 Events

October 30 

Speakers on Critical Issues Facing Election 2008

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Reginald Daniel: Professor of Sociology, at UC Santa Barbara

Kate Kendell: Esq. Executive Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights 


 November 4 

Film screening of Divided We Fall

The DWF Campaign is a people-fueled national movement to create deep community dialogue about racism, religion, and healing in the aftermath of Sept. 11th.  


November 6

Faces in America

Performed by Will & Company

Co-sponsored by Multicultural Council and Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers