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Discover Your Hospitality Passion at Cal Poly Pomona

Hospitality and tourism in California is big business: Stunning beaches and mountains. Five-star hotels and world-class restaurants and wineries. Disneyland. It's so big in fact that the hospitality industry employs 1.2 million​ Californians. Our degree programs can set you on the path to a highly successful career in this fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding industry.

“In California, a hospitality degree can prepare you to manage Michelin-starred restaurants, advise hotels on sustainability practices, run a music festival or oversee Olympic skiing areas. The breadth of opportunities in travel and tourism spans the state north to south, providing an unparalleled foundation for launching a successful career." – Caroline Beteta, President & CEO, Visit California

Degree Programs

B.S. in Hospitality Management

Our world-class Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree program prepares students for leadership roles in the hospitality and related industries. 

M.S. in Hospitality Management

The Master of Science in Hospitality Management degree program provides the foundation for the pursuit of a terminal degree at an academic institution. 


Minor in Hospitality Management

Non-hospitality management majors can complement their own major and develop interdisciplinary strengths with career paths in the hospitality industry with a minor in Hospitality Management.

Culinology® Minor

Do you love food and have a head for science? With a minor in Culinology®, food is your focus and the laboratory is your domain! This specialized minor is suited for students interested in the blending of culinary arts and food science and technology.