Commencement 2020


Given the solemn yet celebratory nature of commencement, all participants are expected to follow some basic rules of etiquette for such occasions.  First and foremost, all graduates are expected to remain at their seats until the conclusion of the ceremony and not leave prior to the final recessional. 

Graduate Etiquette

  • Plan to be at the ceremony one hour before your ceremony start time.
  • Share with your guests the Information for Visitors section.
  • Candidates for bachelor's degrees, please note that your mortarboard should be worn so that it sits parallel with the ground, with the tassel hanging to the right. During the ceremony, you will be asked to move your tassel from the right front side of your mortarboard to the left as a mark of the official awarding of your degree. Master and doctoral candidates should wear caps and tams with the attached tassel hanging to the left.
  • Celebrate your accomplishment in a way that is in keeping with the solemnity of this occasion. Keep in mind that many people have worked long and hard to enjoy this day — do not allow your celebrations to disrupt the ceremony.
  • Please stay in your seat for the duration of the ceremony — be courteous to your fellow graduates and remain seated until the recessional. 

Guest Etiquette

  • Please follow instructions provided in the Information for Visitors for advance planning.
  • Plan to be at the ceremony 45 minutes before the posted ceremony start time.
  • Professional photographs will be taken of each graduate prior to walking on stage.
  • Please do not block the aisles or passageways during procession, or recession.