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The Engine of Success

California has always been the land of dreams and dreamers. It is home to big thinkers, truth-seekers and a spirit of optimism that binds all those who dare to believe in its promise.

Together we are Building a Better California. Cal Poly Pomona, along with the entire 23-campus California State University system, serves as the backbone of opportunity that runs the length of the state. Students grow and learn, employers get access to highly qualified talent, and every Californian benefits from the research, economic prosperity and community engagement our university system provides.

It’s no secret that California leads the nation by example—in technology, engineering, agriculture, space exploration, environmental protection, entertainment, cultural influence, community outreach and so many other areas. We’ve always started the discussion, laid the groundwork and set the agenda.

We are a diverse community, unapologetically protective of our beautiful lands and oceans, and determined to give every student a chance to succeed. Californians have never looked back and never will.

Cal Poly Pomona’s commitment to creativity, discovery and innovation epitomizes the California dream. Through our polytechnic approach of hands-on and collaborative learning, our students are being prepared to lead in the 21st century. The 6,000 students who participated in commencement last spring are just the latest to carry on our 80-year tradition, and the new Broncos whom we welcome to our campus in the fall are eager to continue our proud legacy. Without a doubt, California is in good hands.

Although California is a land of great promise, it’s no utopia. That’s why our alumni, students and faculty are working to tackle the challenges in our state, like improving infrastructure, solving our water problems, ensuring food security and providing better educational access for underserved populations. As we Build a Better California, the Cal Poly Pomona family will continue to dream big. After all, it’s that spirit of optimism that connects us as Californians. 

Soraya M. Coley

President Coley with students