CPP Magazine

President's Circle

The following donors are recognized in the President’s Circle, a community of individuals who make an annual investment in the university of $2,500 or more to help cultivate student success. Donors choose to support the academic program or scholarship area that they feel is most important to them.


Heather Hanson and Steve Acheson
Joseph Adam
Mitchell and Amanda Adkison
Robert and Joni Alter
David Alvarado
American Marketing Association
Fereshteh Amin
Marc Anderson
Dennis Anderson
Linda Aratani
Robert and Judith Baker
Josephine Balajadia
Bruce Baltin
Carolyn and William Beaver
Susan Kellogg-Bell and James Bell
Russ W. Bendel
Mary and Joel Benkie
Michael and Jeanette Bidart
Bridget and Kazimir Bilinski
Sidney Blumner
Gina Gallo and Jean Charles Boisset
Jeffery Bonds
Gina Brinegar
Donald and Barbara Brinkerhoff
James Butler
Lance and Elena Calvert
Javier Cano
James and Donna Caras
Donna Carl
Peter Castro
Rita and Brooks Cavin III
Alex Cheng
Andrew and Peggy Cherng
Kris Cheung
Anuradha Chowdipura
David Clayton
Ron and Soraya Coley
Carol and James Collins
Martin and Stefanie Colombatto
Claude Coppel
Richard and Nancy Croxall 
Timothy and Teresa Day
Peter and Jennifer de Best
Manuel Diano
Steven and Marian Dodge
Lea Dopson
Michael Woo and Laurie Dowling
Kelly F. Duke
David and Stephanie Edens
Ryan Eggers
Donald Emery
Martin and Carol Evanson
Marcia Ferguson
Michael and Kathryn Ferguson
John Flaig
Beverly Fox
Chris Freeland and Amy Freeland
Richard Frencer
Sergio Fujino
Joel Galarza and Roxie Galarza
James and Leann Gates
Larry and Amy Gates
Michele Gendreau
Jody Gerstner P.E.
John Gilbert
Frank Gillespie
Jean Gipe
Philip E. Gladis
Tony and Sue Godfrey
Thomas Goff
Jose Gomez and Catherine Ysrael Gomez
Bruce Gorelick
Virginia and Derek Grebbien
Ronald Gregoire
Brian Grier
Dace McCoy Ground
Mark Haag
JoAnn Hadfield
Peter and Cheryl Hadinger
Jae Chang and Ju Hee Han
Kenneth and Linda Hanson
Michael Harmeyer
Eddy and Catherine Hartenstein
Khaled Al Hassen
Ronald and Danielle Hasso
Cindy Havenhill
Stephen and Susan Hess
Eva N. Wassermann and Roger G. Hill
A. Barry Hirschfeld
Lotte Hohmann
Katherine and Michael Holland
Mary Mogge and Allen Holliday
Paul Huang
Janice Hubbell
Wilson Hubbell
Lori Huff
Steven Huff
Michael Huggins
Darcel Hulse
Don B. Huntley
Emil and Lori Inarda
Ihab and Suzanne Issa
Koichiro Isshiki
Mardis Jackson
Julie Brinkerhoff-Jacobs
Brian Jaramillo
Lea Jarnagin
Karen Jenne
Keith and Sue Johnson
Troy Jones
John Joyce
Peter Jurgens
Bob and Shelley Kain
Bob Kallenbaugh
Keith Soon and Sung Kim
J. Michael Kin
Steven A. Kin
Robert and Denise Kline
Carrie and Jeffrey Knight
Robert and Karen Kobus
Jack H. and Suzanne Kulp
Lynne Lachenmyer
Mei-Huei and George Lai
Kristen Laimon
Kenneth Lamb
Kristin Landry
Sally Lane
Alison Baski Lang and Christoph Lang
Cecilia Larroque and Jose Larroque
Bruce and Norma Lawyer
Paul and Susan Lebowitz
Peter Lee
David Lepe
Rachel Levin
Bobbi Roderick-Lewis and Eric Lewis
Randall and Janell Lewis
Lindy Lindholm
W.B. Butch & Vivien Lindley
Jacob and Tali Lipa
Arthur and Sarah Ludwick
Verne Lusby
Wilmer Lusk
Gerald Maio and Cybel Maio
Jonathan Mansur
Saburo Matsumoto
Tom and Jerri McCarthy
Steven McCauley
Alfred McCoy
Neal and Jamie McDougal
Kenneth and Kristine McFarland John McGuthry
Anthony Medley
Michael Medzigian
Scott Mercer
Kent and Diane Miller
David and Suzanne Mok
Daniel and Kelly Montplaisir
Wilbur Moody
William Muzzy and Liz Moore
George Moromisato
Richard and Charlene Morrow
Kevin and Chris Myers
Mel Negussie
Doug and Cindy Nelson
Ricky Nelson
Tracy Nesmith
Dennis and Sue Nespor
Craig Netwig
Terry Noriega
Charlotte Odette
Robert and Christyne Olson
John and Mary O’Neil
Robert Oppermann
Mike and Betty Ortiz
Ward Palmer and Deborah Palmer
William Palmer
Eugene Park
Michael Patchen
Ganpat and Manju Patel
Leonard and Barbara Paxton
Ira and Maria Pemstein
Judith Perry
Robert and Margaret Perry
Robert and Lynda Pettis
Denise Pflum
James Pomerening
Donald F. Putnam
J. Douglas Ramsey
Maria Alvarez and Alejandro Rangel
Abdul and Shafiqa Rashidi
Leslie and Leonard Reid
Shirley and John Resich
Bill Reynolds
Rebecca Rhodes
Rebecca and Ken Rhoads
Christopher Rideout
Dorothy L. and Kent A. Roberts
Edward P. Roski, Jr.
Carol Nevin Rundback
Joseph and Claudia Salontai
Timothy Sanders
Margaret Saunders
Ramona Saunders
Sylvia A. Scharf
Lyle R. Scritsmier
Raquel Sefton
Arleen and Mickey Segal
John and Mee Semcken
Steven Senft
David Sherf
Larry Shupnick
Christopher Simms
Ronald and Judith Simons
Ta Siu
Mark and Linda Skowronski
Sanford Smith
Debbie and Ned Snavely
Maya Soetoro-Ng
Henry Sohn
Jerome and Hitomi Solberg
Mario and Karen Dundas Sorci
Michael Beckage and Bridget Spanier
Ray A. and Debra Johnson Stewert
Thomas Stoerck
Jeffrey and Leslie Stone
Tina and Peter Strand
John and Lori Strauss
Ron Sturzenegger
Brian and Julie Swanson
David Swenson
Kheng See Ang and Lawrence Taff
Danielle Takata
Alan and Stephanie Tarkington
Juliana Terian
Martial Thirsk
Brian Thomas
Carl and Linda Thompson
Frank Torres
Kathy Tully
John Vargas
Thomas E. Vos
Tianbing Wang
Ryan Ward
Scott and Mary Warrington
Elizabeth and James Weibert
Robert and Merry Weis
JoAnn Carter Wells
Cary and Debbie Wheeland
Paul and Jane Whetsell
Sharif Wiguna
Bruce Wiles
William and Joanne Wilhelm
Rosalind Williams
Lion Wintemute
Thomas Wolfe
Jeffrey Durham and Joseph Wolosz
Dale Wong and Tina Muto-Wong
Lily Woo and Henry Woo
Ernest Wooden
Joe and Grace Yee
Douglas Young
Chung-Hsieo and Christine Yu
Elizabeth Zangenberg