Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are distributed to students enrolled in classes in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Paper and online course evaluations are conducted using Class Climate, a Scantron product. IRPA provides an administrative service to the colleges by supporting the course evaluation process and summarization of evaluation results. IRPA works with other IT staff, Academic Departments, and the Office of Faculty Affairs to ensure guidelines are followed and the process is smooth.  

IRPA adheres to the policies and course evaluation content that has been approved by the University and the Academic Senate. For more information regarding the policies that guide course evaluations please refer to CPP Academic Manual, Policy No 1329.


Spring 2021 Course Evaluations

Course evaluations will be open from April 26, 2021 - May 8, 2021. Students will receive an email invitation to access evaluations on April 26 from


Online Evaluation Highlights

 Spring 2020 was the first term CPP conducted all evaluations online, below are some noted benefits from administrating online evaluations:

  • The evaluation process was simplified, eliminating tasks such as printing forms, distributing forms, collecting forms, submitting forms, scanning forms, etc. 
  • Course evaluation reports were readily available, whereas it previously took up to 4 weeks to complete scanning of physical evaluation forms
  • Significant cost savings incurred as over 120,000 forms no longer had to be printed and the amount of staff time involved in the process had been reduced


  • The Course Evaluation Timeline is a short overview of the evaluation process at CPP.

Course Evaluation Timeline 

Student FAQs

Yes, whether you are completing them in an online evaluation form or through a paper evaluation form, your responses are 100% anonymous and results are provided to professors after the grade submission deadline in an aggregate format.

Completing a course evaluation helps you to reflect on your learning experience and helps you to start thinking of the next semester. Your responses also inform curricular and teaching improvements that can better CPP courses and benefit your peers in the future.

No, however students are highly encouraged to complete them as results can better CPP courses.

You can expect quantitative questions. Questions and forms can vary by department and by peer groups (lectures, labs).

Yes, at any time you can submit a signed letter to the department chair. A directory with names and email addresses can be found at this link.

Per the University Policy No. 1329:

At any time a student may submit a letter/petition expressing his/her/their opinion of the teaching performance of a faculty member. Such a letter/petition must be signed and addressed either to the chair of the appropriate department or to the chair of the appropriate departmental evaluation committee. The letter/petition must include the Bronco Identification Number of all student signators.

  • To correctly fill out your paper evaluation draw a 'x' inside your selected box.


  • To make any corrections, completely fill in the mark you want omitted and draw a "x" inside your selected box.

eval corrections

  • Note that any of the following can compromise the system reading in the results well: using any other color besides a black pen, drawing a "x" that goes outside the box, drawing a checkmark instead of a "x", light markings, or when making corrections-scribbling out the answer you want omitted.

eval incorrect examples

No, course evaluations are completely anonymous. We cannot identify the response you submitted and therefore we cannot delete it. Since only one response is allowed per student and course we cannot issue another evaluation for you to take.

Faculty FAQs

Some suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • Emphasize the importance of course evaluations
  • Tell students how you use course evaluation feedback to better your course
  • Provide assurance of anonymity
  • Frequently remind students of the course evaluation deadline

You can expect to receive your results approximately by the end of the second week of the next term through email.

If a course is taught by multiple professors then students will receive a separate course evaluation form for each professor.

Moreover per the University Policy No. 1329:

"All student evaluations shall be administered between the start of the 13th week and the end of the 15th week of the academic semester. There are two exceptions: One, when multiple instructors teach a class, the evaluation for each individual instructor shall take place during the last two weeks of the instructional period of each individual instructor..."

If this is applicable to you and you would like your evaluations to be sent out during the last two weeks of your instructional period please notify us by emailing

Please refer to your department representative. You may also email us at:

Staff FAQs

They are administered anywhere between the start of week 13 and the end of week 15 of the semester.

Week 8 of the semester (after census has passed) you should receive a course file for your department to review.

1. Download the excel file(s) sent to you from the evaluations email.

2. Review each of the rows in the course file for accuracy.

  • *Pay special attention to the course type as that indicates whether the course will receive paper evaluations or online evaluations

For your reference:

  • *If a course is course type 14 it will receive online evaluations, all other course types receive paper evaluations. Similarly, courses designated as ‘Fully Asynchronous’, ‘Asynchronous local’, ‘Fully Synchronous’, and ‘Synchronous Local’ will receive online evaluations.
  • Course type designation is dependent on the information entered into People Soft

3. Once you have reviewed the rows, under the ‘Evaluation Assessment’ column review the information. The values are pre-filled based on the department’s previous preferences. If the department wants a course to be evaluated the value should be set to ‘YES’ and if the department does not want the course to be evaluated indicate it as ‘NO’. If you had to make a change please highlight it, changes not highlighted will not be readily seen and run the risk of being passed over.

4. Once you have made those changes and highlighted those changes send the new file to

*As of Spring 2020 all course evaluations will be administered online until further notice.