Great California Shake Out

CPP's Annual Great California Shakeout is Back

The Great California Shakeout is intended to educate and prepare the campus community to be able to react quickly and practice safe emergency procedures when a real earthquake occurs. 

Date: Thursday, October 17

Time: 10:17 a.m.

What Will Happen?

Students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to participate in the state-wide earthquake drill. 

The campus community will receive a safety alert message on their cell phones, network phones, email, and computer pop-up. This alert message will prompt everyone on campus to “DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON”, followed by building evacuations. (Message delivery time may vary depending on location on campus, WiFi connection, and cell phone service provider.)

Building fire alarms will be activated. Evacuation Coordinators, wearing neon green/yellow vests and hard hat, will assist with the evacuation and a check-in process will take place at the evacuation assembly areas. Students can check in at any evacuation assembly area. The drill is expected to last 30 minutes to an hour depending on how quickly the fire alarms can be reset.

What Do I Need to Do?

  • Become familiar with the buildings you occupy and develop an evacuation plan before the drill.
  • If you require assistance evacuating the building, please plan accordingly as elevators will most likely be disabled with the activation of the fire alarms.
  • If you see someone that may need assistance let them know you are available to assist if there is a need. Allow the person to explain how and what you can do to assist them as there may be items that need to evacuated along with them.
  • Update your personal information in BroncoDirect to receive up-to-date safety alert information.
  • Faculty and staff should ensure their information is updated in the Emergency Notification System by logging into the Safety Alert website or call the IT Help Desk at (909) 869-6776.