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Chemical Engineering Major with Materials Engineering Minor
Materials Engineering relates the properties of materials to their structure.  All engineers are called upon to work on new ideas and with novel materials.  Almost every field of engineering is limited by the properties of available materials.  The graduate with an understanding of the principles of materials behavior possesses a decided career advantage.

The College of Engineering provides a minor in Materials Engineering to the student who satisfactorily completes 24-units requirement within her/his major curriculum.  It is frequently possible for students to complete the minor within the normal requirements for an engineering degree through careful advisement including authorized substitutions.

Requirements for the MTE Minor

Core Courses (Total number of required units = 12)

Materials Science and Engineering MTE 207 (3)
Materials Science and Engineering Lab MTE 317L (1)
Strength of Materials ME 218 (3)
Strength of Materials Lab ME 220L (1)
Chemical & Materials Engineering ThermoI CHE 302 (4)

MTE Elective Courses (Total number of required units = 12)
Take any   three  of the following courses for a total of 12 units (one will be satisfied with CHE elective)  

Mechanical Metallurgy/ Laboratory MTE 320/L (3/1)
Fracture and Failure Analysis MTE 422 (4)
Physical Metallurgy/Laboratory MTE 406/416L (3/1)
Corrosion and Materials Degradation/Laboratory MTE 401 (3/1)
Ceramic Materials/Laboratory MTE 407/L (3/1)
Introduction to Composite Materials/Laboratory MTE 408/418L      (3/1)
Polymer Engineering/Laboratory MTE 303/L (3/1)